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It's finally here the book I wrote and now can share with the world Grandpa I Just Wanna be a Cowboy part 3: Women in the West.


Women in the West

Hold on tight partner!

Come join Bo and Grandpa LeRoy as they dive into the history books
and discover Women in the West. 

Bo and Grandpa LeRoy have an exciting finish to come,
with all the adventures on and off the ranch.
Join Bo as he learns about Women in the West
who gave cowboys a run for their money
and shaped the course of history.

Saddle up and join them for an unforgettable ride into the past.

It won't be a ride you’ll ever forget!

Giddy up!





When you order it you can request for me to sign your copy!


Also you can buy it on Amazon  for a eBook version!

Grandpa I Just Wanna be a Cowboy Part 3: Women in the West

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