2020 Venerable's Projects Book Tour 

January 14th

Central Middle School

January 20th

Faxon Elementary

MLK Service Day

January 23rd

Sumner Academy

January 30th

Truman Elementary

February 19th

Hazel Grove Elementary 

February 20th

Martin City Elementary

February 22nd

Eye See Me STL Book Signing 

February 25th

Crossroads Middle School

February 28th

Hogan Prep Academy 

March 6th-8th

Books In the Bottoms Book Signing

March 7th

Story Book 5k Run

March 13th

Millennium Elementary

March 14th

Radiate Wellness KC Interview

March 16th-17th

UCM Children's Literacy Festival 

March 24th

Crossroad Prep

March 26th

Washington High School BSU

March 28th

The Corner House 

April 17th 

Industry Chat

Chat with the Author

April 25th

Race to Read 5k Run

April 28th

Dobbs Elementary

May 1st

Ingles Elementary 

May 5th

Argentine Middle School

May 14th 

Wartford Elementary

May 14th

St. Andrew Christian Church

Literacy Night